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20 South Pack Square, Asheville, NC 28801


Check with RU Social Spa for seasonal hours. {closed Wednesdays}



Recline & Unwind Social Spa

Think spa, only better.  Recline & Unwind Social Spa is a new concept spa focusing on affordable, therapeutic, express massage sessions with a social wellness twist.  RU Social Spa services were crafted to deliver focused massage right where people need it most, in dynamic 15-minute segments.  Spa experiences are provided in heated zero gravity recliners while guests remain fully clothed.   In the anti-gravity position, the body finds a state of equilibrium with the feet raised in alignment with the heart, reducing swelling, stimulating circulation and oxygenating blood to lower cardiac stress. Combine with the healing touch of a licensed massage therapist for an unforgettable stress relieving adventure. What makes Recline & Unwind truly unique is its one-room, open space concept which was designed to focus on total well-being by providing hands-on healing in a casual environment that encourages real life connections.

Spa services at Recline & Unwind Social Spa include fun fare like the Treat Your Feet foot massage, Let’s Face It gemstone face massage, Thumbs Up hand and forearm massage, Triple Crown head neck and shoulder massage and Salty Soak detoxifying foot soak.  At 15 minutes in length, guests can choose their favorite, indulge, then get on with their day.  For the ultimate relaxation, they can mix & match experiences or choose one of the Social Spa Packages like the Head Over Heels, a 4-hand simultaneous head and foot massage provided by two licensed massage therapists.  “Wellness for All” means self-care for pint-sized guests too.  The Kid’s Care menu for children aged 3 to 11 offers two mini services in a 15-minute session.  Choices include a Fizzy Foot Soak, Nothin’ But Noggin, Happy Hands and Say Aloe. 

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